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Angel Numbers: What Are They & What Do They Mean?

Sep 25, 2020
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Have you ever noticed repeating numbers like 11:11 showing up everywhere?

Perhaps every time you happen to glance a clock it says 11:11, 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, or 5:55. Maybe you're always noticing the license plates on cars that seem to have 777 or 999. And also, you often look up at a billboard advertising and see the phone number has repeating numbers like 444-7777.

These are what we call angel numbers and it's no coincidence that you've seen them. We call them that because they are messages to you from your angels.

I’ve been seeing them my entire life. I remember seeing 11:11 almost every day as a kid and teenager. I didn’t know what they were; there was this saying I'd heard that went:

"11:11 make a wish!"

Have you heard that one too? I thought that seeing that time on the clock meant that whatever you wished for, would come true. (FYI: my daily wish to marry JTT didn't come true)

There was a period in my life where I didn’t see them. This was the time when I was the least connected to Spirit and it lasted about 6 years. This was the time in my life where I was living the most out of alignment with my higher self and my true life calling AKA the years I worked in corporate America. 

To be clear, I was never disconnected from Source. It’s just the time in my life where I was distracted and out of balance, but it didn't stop me from manifesting miracles!

If you have the belief that you have to always be high vibe, praying every single day, always be seeing these angels numbers in order to manifest and co-create intentionally, I’m reminding you right now that is NOT true.

You’re still always manifesting, You’re still always worthy. 

I manifested my relationship, my kids, promotions, pay raises, bonuses, a lot of miraculous blessings during this time while I wasn't seeing angel numbers consistently.

If you're not seeing angel numbers, you are still a powerful manifester! My life is proof of that.

If you are wanting to see these numbers, you can. The process is simple: just ask. Ask your angels to start communicating with you. Say out loud: Show me a clear sign that I will recognize that I am on the right track. You can also give them a deadline. Say: "I expect to see a sign within 48 hours. Thank you for sending me this message."

If you are already seeing these numbers, know that your angels are communicating with you, you are connected to God and your angels, and every set of numbers has its own sort of traditional meaning.

Here is what these messages could mean:


  • God is with you, you are one with the Universe
  • A fresh start or new beginning 
  • A reminder that you are the creator of your destiny.


  •  Your thoughts and intentions are magnified; focus on what you love, not what you fear
  • You are one with all that is.
  • All you are doing is for the greater good of all. Trust yourself. Listen to your intuition. 


  • Your gifts are creating opportunities for you to expand. Be open to opportunities that will enable you to fulfill your purpose
  • You were born to shine. You are an earth angel. You have the ability to lift up the hearts of all around you.
  • You are in the right place at the right time.


  • You are expanding
  • All of the great spiritual teachers of the past are guiding you at this time. These ascended masters are helping you develop your gifts,
  • You are greatly supported. You are at a crucial point in your journey where you can push past your previous setbacks.


  • Have faith. Your prayers are being heard.
  • You are surrounded by angels. Many of them. You are protected.
  • Miracles are happening before your eyes and your gifts are expanding


  • All of your efforts are paying off. Know that the Universe and your angels are supporting you in creating and living an abundant life.
  • Abundance is yours to live, have, and experience. Open your heart and mind to receive the blessings that are now being offered to you.
  • Something new is coming.


  • Deepen your spiritual connection.
  • Don’t make sudden decisions in case your ego has taken over. Recover your power and call in the light.
  • It’s time to wake up to your higher spiritual truth.


  • Tap into your superpowers.
  • Your magic and manifesting abilities are increasing at this time.
  • Wonderful things are about to happen.


  • Your life purpose and wishes are in alignment.
  • You are doing the right things and in alignment.
  • Everything is falling into place.


  • You are connected with your higher self. 
  • You are moving back into a sense of wholeness.
  • Let go of what is no longer serving you.


Remember: Your angels are always with you. Whether you believe in them or not, whether you see angel numbers often or not. They're still there. Your divine team has your back!



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