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First I Healed, Then I Manifested

Feb 03, 2021

I've replayed the worst time in my life over and over searching for what I could've done differently in order to avoid it:

I should've known better.

I should've just run.

I should've cut it off at the first red flag.

But I didn't.

When I was 18 years old, I was manipulated and emotionally abused by a narcissist, fortunately, for only a year. I was lucky to have gotten away, but my identity and self-worth were shredded. 

For years I'd revisit these moments, hoping that seeing it all again in my mind would better prepare me for identifying something similar if it came along....

And it did. I attracted it, allowed it back in, and experienced more manipulative relationships instead of avoiding them like I'd thought I would.

We attract what we focus on.

I hadn't been focusing on healing myself, therefore what I didn't want was still my point of attraction. I was hiding from my emotions, numbing the pain, and painting over the problems, and just hoping that they were sealed in enough so that the paint wouldn't chip away.

But it chipped. A lot.

I've finally experienced some incredible healing over the past few years which I am truly grateful for. I wouldn't be where I am today had I not made the decision to let go of the toxic positivity that used to flow through my mind as a way to rush my healing process.

"I should be over this by now. It's been years."

"I have so much good in my life. I should just be happy."

"I'm way better off than most people who experience something like this. What happened to me wasn't even that bad."

All these thoughts did were deny, minimize and invalidate what I had experienced. They stunted my healing.

Once I recognized that I was running from my negative emotions, I made the decision to feel them, to look at my shadow, to do the deep inner work that wouldn't be comfortable but was necessary in order to truly feel a new level of happiness that I was yet to experience. 

"It was worth it" is an understatement.

Now I live in complete alignment with my authentic self, own multiple businesses with my soulmate while working from home raising our two sweet kids. We have the freedom to travel, to go on random 4-hour walks if we want, to invest in ourselves, and so much more.

One of the things I'm most grateful for is this opportunity to show YOU how you can do this too. You can create your most aligned life! One where you feel free, fulfilled, and loved completely. One where you are constantly evolving and manifesting your desires with ease as if it's second nature.

I help my clients manifest the authentic life they crave by aligning their entire life to what they want. Manifesting isn't something we just do every once in a while because we want something...we're manifesting all the time. Our outer world is always a reflection of our inner world.

Co-creation [AKA manifesting] can be a lifestyle; an intentional way of living where magical moments are the norm.

It really is as amazing as it sounds! Click here to see what I'm currently offering in order to work with me and learn this for yourself.


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