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Actually Manifest With Your Vision Board in 2023

Nov 04, 2022


Stop making vision boards that just collect dust on your desk!

You are meant to be stacking up those goals and manifesting left and right, not occasionally glancing at a collage of pictures that only reminds you of how far you still have to go to manifest that dream life.

If you're nodding along as you read that, then you might also be wondering what the purpose of a vision board even is if they don't seem to work.

What is the purpose of a vision board?

It's a tool intended to keep you inspired and motivated as you take action toward manifesting your dreams. It's meant to be a positive trigger that creates the feelings and emotions within you that you'll have once you've manifested the things represented on that board.

This is especially helpful for those of us who are more-than-average-ambitious and not afraid to let our minds dream BIG. Big is written in all caps for a reason since our Point A looks something like single, lower-middle class still at our parent's house in our twenties but with a Point B of mansion-living with our adoring and famous beau who's not only obsessed with us, but just twirled us down the red carpet before flying private to Paris. for a romantic getaway. Or something like that....

But seriously:  getting from that Point A to that Point B requires moving a lot of energy around. It's not typically an overnight transformation and a vision board is just one tool to aid in this journey.

Why is it important to have one?

And what if you have a business idea through which you desire to accumulate this new wealth and success?  Why is a vision board important in a business?

Your vision board will help you clarify your specific goals as you head out on this path. The practice of sitting down and planning your measures of success, getting clear on the metrics you want to hit, is a powerful manifestation method all on its own. That image starts to form in your mind, the feelings start to feel real, and then you really anchor those in by pulling them out of your mind and putting them on paper using words and images.

How do vision boards actually work?

Your subconscious mind is your own powerful, goal-seeking, wish-granting genie. Its entire purpose is to prove your assumptions about the world right and bring you everything it thinks you want into your reality. The problem is, oftentimes we're living in a reality we don't prefer. And to make matters worse, we don't know how to speak the language of our genie/subconscious mind to communicate the changes we'd like to see!

A vision board starts the process of communicating in a way your subconscious mind can understand: it uses visuals and images and gets your imagination going. Your subconscious loves when you use your imagination and sees those images you create in your mind as real; your daydreams are just as real as what you're actually experiencing to your mind. 

You put something on your vision board, imagine it's real, feel the emotions and feelings that you'll feel when you have it, and your subconscious gets to work, finding ways that it can bring opportunities for manifestation into your awareness. (Thanks reticular activating system!)

How do I make my own powerful vision board? What materials do you need to make a vision board?

The first thing to do to make the most powerful vision board that will actually manifest is to get clear on your honest and true goals and desires. What do you actually want? Don't hold back on this one! Push yourself to go big, with no limits!

Grab a journal and dig deep to find out not only what you want, but what you want to feel. What emotions will you feel when you get what you want? What emotions will you feel when those goals become normal for you? 

Find words, affirmations, and images that elicit those same emotions when you read or look at them. The goal is to assume those feelings now and allow your vision board to trigger them within you each time you look at it.

Place all of these things together in one location. Go old school with a collage or frame, OR take it digital which I highly recommend! Digital vision boards are a sly way to hack the subconscious by placing these images within sight of the subconscious mind,  yet without having to use the conscious waking mind to pay them much attention.

What is the major rule for creating a vision board?

You should enjoy looking at your specific goals visually represented because it will elicit the feelings and emotions you're seeking. If that's not happening, there's at least one of these things happening:

1. You haven't been honest with yourself about what you actually want

2. You have a mindset block and you don't believe its possible for you to attract or achieve it 

These can both be worked on through cultivating self-awareness and self-acceptance via journaling, shadow work, coaching, and various therapies, to name a few. 

What should be included in a business vision board?

You can make one for life and one for business, or if you're like me, combine 'em because I just love my work so much and the way in intertwines with everything I do.

Put in the numbers. How much will you profit? Get those specific numbers down.

What's your mission? Your ultimate vision? Your values? This will help remind you to move in alignment with what's most important.

Why this business? Think of all the people who's lives will improve when you are the success you and I know you will be. It's always so much bigger than ourselves so how can you represent that on your vision board? This will help keep your motivation high and ease the hurdles and roadblocks that are inevitable learning lessons along the way.

Is there an app to create a vision board? How do you make a digital vision board?

Canva is my go-to! I have free templates for all of your devices so you can just plug in your photos and customize colors and affirmations to your liking. Grab yours here and add in your favorite Pinterest photos that represent your manifestation wishes.

What should be on my 2023 vision board?

Take a moment to journal on these 3 prompts that I love from Vishen Lakhiani:

  1. What would you like to experience?
  2. How do you want to grow?
  3. How will you contribute?

Allow these important questions to guide you in uncovering what it is that you truly want to manifest then go deeper to uncover what you will feel along the way.

I don't know about you, but that jet to Paris will have me feeling pretty damn relaxed and peaceful 😉 🥂 

Download my Free Canva Templates here and please tag me if you share your digital vision board in your story 🥰 @lydiabachmeier everywhere


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