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Manifestation 101 - What is manifestation really?

manifestation May 06, 2021

What is manifestation really? 

Manifestation is when an idea from your mind becomes part of your physical reality. It’s using your imagination to collaborate with the divine source of creation to intentionally co-create your life.

Most "gurus" won't tell you that everything is a manifestation. They don’t tell you that because it’s not sexy and it doesn’t make everyone feel good to hear. Even that yucky stuff you didn’t really want? Yep. That stuff too. We don’t like to hear that we’ve created a life we don’t love. It’s more comfortable for our egos to continue to believe that life has just happened to us. We’re the victims. Poor us….but wait... What if instead, we decided to change that? To do the tough inner work to heal into and become the best versions of ourselves who has everything we want?

Everything within your reality is a manifestation of what lies within your mind: your dominant thoughts and beliefs of which you give weight, energy, focus, and attention. 

We manifest what we expect, what we assume, not necessarily what we want.

What we believe to be true, what we assume, completely shapes our reality; our inner world is reflected all around us. This is proven by quantum physics and well understood when we study Universal Law.

To break it down simply: everything within our world is made up of vibrating molecules that are attracted to each other as long as they are of the same vibrational frequency. Like attracts like and literally everything, including thoughts and feelings, hold a vibrational frequency.

This is the secret that so many successful individuals have been practicing for centuries and we are fortunate enough to live in a time where the Universal Laws that govern our world are becoming more well known by many. They're trending. They're mainstream. This is great! But it also can breed confusion and misinformation.

You’ll hear people saying “I manifested today” when they’re referring to a ritual or deliberate time spent focusing on what they want to create.

Manifesting isn’t something that you only do while saying affirmations, journaling, or during a moon ritual. You are always co-creating with the Universe. You are always manifesting, always emitting a vibrational frequency, always sending your creation energy somewhere, and you can take charge of what you’re manifesting by being more intentional and mindful of your beliefs, assumptions, and attention.


My simple 5 step process for manifesting anything:

  • Ask, Declare, Place Your Order
    • The more specific you are, the faster it comes to you because the easier it will be for you to align it with and create clear pictures in your mind of having it. You only need to ask or declare it one time. Think of it like placing your order with Amazon: after you click that button, it’s being shipped ASAP. You don’t need to order it again unless you run out or change your mind and want something else.
  • Expect it with gratitude
    • Feel the feelings and emotions now of already having what you wish to manifest. None of this “one day when I have X then I’ll finally feel Y.” Assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and be grateful for it now. Gratitude is the highest vibrational emotion. Tune into it consistently and watch the magic unfold.
  • Align your subconscious mind and remove doubts & blocks
    • Your subconscious mind is responsible for over 95% of your brain activity and functions. This part of your mind holds many beliefs that were imposed upon you by others and society throughout your life, usually before the age of seven. When manifesting large changes in your life, you usually must reprogram your subconscious beliefs in order to get on the same frequency and attract what you desire.
  • Surrender the how & when. Trust the divine
    • Sometimes things we can’t see are shifting around in order to make space for what we want. We can create anything we want, however exactly when and how it comes to be is the job of the Universe. Remain open to possibilities as the how presents itself to you. Remember: you already placed your order. Just as you know that Amazon package is coming, so is your manifestation wish.
  • Follow your intuition. Take marvelous inspired action
    • Trust yourself when it comes to taking mental and physical action. You may get an idea out of nowhere that requires you to do something, create something, go somewhere, reach out to someone, just to list a few examples. The more you listen to your first impulses, your intuition, the stronger it will become and the easier it will be for you to take the necessary actions as you receive your manifestations. Sometimes taking action is as simple as reprogramming your beliefs, and other times it’s creating entire businesses. Only you will know what is right once you trust your intuition.

Follow these steps and you will create everything you've ever dreamed of!

love + high vibes,


Want more support? I help my clients co-create their dreams with the Universe and manifest with intention by teaching them how our Universe works at the quantum level, reprogramming new beliefs within their subconscious mind, and establishing new patterns of action for their life so they are in full alignment. Check out my current offerings so you can integrate all of this with ease.

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