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Manifesting Basics: Yes, It's Really That Simple.

Nov 15, 2022

We make it so much harder than it has to be, and frankly, I place the blame upon the same thing we're all in a love-hate relationship with: social fucking media. 

Did you know you can manifest ANYTHING you want without ever “manifesting”? Let me explain.

"Manifestation" is such a buzzword these days that its real meaning has gotten lost. Most people think of it as spell casting, or wish-making, or something only astrology girls do when in reality, that gym bro with the mustache who's never touched a crystal in his life is manifesting just as much as the girlies on the Bali beach retreat. 

It doesn't help that mainstream media frames it as *so crazy*. Think Jim Carrey's Sonic villain character referencing his vision board or Bachelor in Paradise love-hopefuls saying "I'm manifesting it!" when talking about their desired future. None of these people seem rational so this continues to funnel people who claim to be "manifesting" into the spiritual weirdo category.

I don't mind being considered the ladder, in fact, I rather wear it with pride, HOWEVER, I'm pointing out the common misconception.

What does "manifest" actually mean?

A manifestation is something coming into physical form. This "something" can be an idea from your mind, an emotion, a thought, or anything really.

Manifesting is commonly referring to consciously co-creating something but it isn’t just sitting down and doing a ritual. I do loooove a good ritual. I call this manifestation magnifying or moving energy, but this is what most people are referring to when you hear someone say "I manifested today."

You manifest every day. All the time. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is a manifestation. 

I know. This is the part where people can really freak out. It is a lot to actually realize and accept how powerful you truly are. But now isn't the time to guilt, blame, or shame yourself for living in a reality that you don't love or want to believe you've created.

Not everything in your reality is something that you personally created. There are other beings, societies, and systems that are in place and are outside of you, so take a deep breath if you thought this was about to be another New Age blame game. You are where you are now and you do have the power to change where you go from here. 

What is an example of manifesting?

There are two forms of manifestations: conscious and unconscious.

Conscious manifesting is what most people think of when they think of manifesting. It's intentional goal-getting. I want X. I align with X and it comes into my reality. I manifested X. Yay!

Unconscious manifesting is what everyone is doing all the time, usually without knowing it. This can be both beneficial and also not so much, depending on what you have going on within your subconscious mind. An example of this is self-sabotaging behaviors because of a subconscious fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

The mind loves what's familiar so when you're trying to make positive changes to your life, your subconscious can see that as a threat to your security. It says "Nope. I know you have those sales calls tomorrow, but let's just stay up and watch Netflix. It'll be fine. You can drink lots of coffee." So you do, and then you're exhausted the next day and don't land a single new client so you're left feeling bad about yourself. You end up self-soothing that night with ice cream or Oreos and oh, what again? Yep, your favorite show. 

Other unconscious manifestations can be illness or physical injuries, skewed perceptions of a situation, and the list could really go on and on. Literally, almost every single experience in your life is a manifestation of you perceiving the world through your filters. Crazy cool, huh?

How do I manifest my intentions?

Yes. Let's get to the good shit now. The first step is always the same:

Be honest about what you really want to experience.

Try to let go of any should's, any expectations from any source outside of yourself. This isn't always an easy feat since we are programmed from birth by our surroundings, but take a moment to get quiet and really listen to what your soul is craving for this lifetime.

I recommend guided meditations or journal prompts if you're feeling stuck, but a great way to really tune into finding out what you really want is by bringing to mind someone you're jealous of and taking inspiration. And maybe you're thinking "I'm not a jealous person. I don't feel that about anyone." Okay, great. But if you DID...who would it be? What about their life or their personality or anything would you maybe like to experience too?

Once you know one or more things you want to manifest, remembering that you can always change your mind later, it's time to align with that desire. This is how we tap into the Laws of the Universe and attract the life we want, the life that was meant for us, into existence.

The SHIFT Methodology 

The SHIFT Method is my own way of describing how to align with the magic of the Universe and leverage the laws that exist without having to consciously think about it. The laws are always at play, with or without your knowledge and understanding of them.

This method works for beings of all understanding and experience levels as it focuses on the simple yet powerful things that are most important to know and, yes, shift.

Here's a breakdown of the SHIFT Methodology that I teach to my students and guide them through in depth in my programs and containers:

S - self-concept

Self-concept is the way that you think about, evaluate or perceive yourself. It is how you perceive your behaviors, abilities, and unique characteristics, therefore influencing what you expect out of your life and what manifests for you.

H - healing

In order to fully accept a new self-concept, one that assumes your desires will manifest, you must heal at the deepest level of mind. This means processing negative emotions, working through and releasing traumas, and rewiring your subconscious beliefs. Create the space for positive expectation.

I - intuitive action

You must take action on your inspirations to manifest your desires! The more you trust yourself, ignore your inner critic, and just follow that inner guidance system, the easier it gets. Don't be afraid to take marvelous, messy action! See any "failures" as feedback you can use to course-correct and refine your steps.

F - feelings

When we uncover what we truly desire, our actual end goal, we can easily uncover the emotional state, feelings, and thoughts we desire to experience. Even before your desire manifests, find other ways to cultivate this inside of yourself so it becomes familiar to experience these feelings consistently.

T - trust

Trust yourself and your divine, greater power that flows through you. Practice trusting, holding the faith, and knowing that what you wish to experience is meant for you and is inevitable. You are always exactly where you need to be in your path and you can't mess it up. If it's not here yet, that simply means it's not the end.


Pick something you desire to experience, SHIFT to align with it, and practice gratitude every single time it comes through for you. That's the way to co-create anything and everything you want. Yes, it's really that simple.

Don't get it twisted: "simple" isn't synonymous with "easy". If your goal is huge, your transformation likely will be too and that path isn't one that will be a short, quick overnight success. Yet, it's still worth the travel.

If you've already been going it alone up that hill, getting caught in long switch-backs of doubt or self-sabotage, or you're still hanging out at that metaphorical rest stop that you intended to be at for just a moment but can't seem to leave, consider joining my 7-day workshop. Manifest That SHIFT is designed to guide you to align with your goals and make a clear plan of action from here.

If you want more support because you know you're ready to finally make some real progress getting your dream business up and running, whether you're a content creator, influencer, coach, product maker, or a creative of another kind, check out my current high-touch offerings for coaching and mentorship that will give you the guidance, clarity, and accountability you've been craving.




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