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"Manifesting" Doesn’t Work. Here's What To Do Instead.

manifestation May 11, 2023
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When you’ve tried manifesting methods and they aren’t working for you, here’s what to do instead.

Back before manifestation was such a well-known buzzword, I was manifesting. I would get a specific idea in my mind, decide "Yes, I want that," then follow my heart and listen to my intuition, and be shocked whenever it coincidentally came into existence. 

It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I learned I was doing this, and not just for the things I wanted, but for everything. I didn't know I was creating everything.


Manifesting Doesn’t Work The Way That Most People Think It Does.

The mainstream understanding of “manifestation” is pretty much just wishing. We say “I manifested that this would happen” to fill in where we might’ve said “I wished” or “I hoped”, or even “I just knew for some reason that this would happen.”

We’ve taken the word “manifesting” and collectively interchanged it with wishing, hoping, or happy coincidences when something from our mind becomes real, when it actually means “an intention come to fruition”.

And this is why most people think they can’t manifest, or intentionally co-create their desires. Because they think it means just wishing or daydreaming. They think it means that you don’t actually have to DO anything at all.

So no. You can’t “manifest” because “manifesting” doesn’t work by that definition. But you CAN intentionally co-create the absolute life of your dreams and it all starts with your mind. Click here to read my past blog post Manifestation 101 for a how-to breakdown for beginners, but keep reading below for more in-depth tips on what to do if what you’ve tried isn’t working, you’re struggling with doubt, or you want to know the signs to tell if you’re close to manifesting your goal.


Why Can't I Manifest?

Once you know what you want it can seem like almost everyone you run into has what you want. Instead of instantly feeling frustrated that you're the only one who isn't making $10k months, try to remember to send yourself a loving reminder that this is your RAS doing its job. 

The RAS or reticular activating system, is part of your brain that's connected to your goal seeking machine.

Signs Your Manifestation Is Not Coming

  1. There’s no hard rule that states you will not manifest X if Y = Z
  2. The degree to which you are aligned with what you desire

3 Unexpected Signs Your Manifestation Is Coming

  1. Everything feels like it's falling apart

  2. Coincidences and gut feelings are eerily accurate
  3. You feel at peace and neutral about your old desires


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