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manifestation Mar 25, 2021

Were you also a daydreamer as a kid?

I can still see my second-grade teacher’s beautiful flowy cursive written on that small trifold paper: “Lydia spends a lot of time daydreaming” was a nice way of saying that I was zoned out and not paying attention for most of the class time.

Hey! I was busy!

Busy visualizing racing the fastest horse alive. You know, the one from The Black Stallion movie? That one. In my mind, I was galloping at full speed. My other popular daydream was seeing orcas breaching in the wild. Then I’d see myself step into a real-life version of Free Willy where an orca and I became best friends. We would swim together in the ocean as all of my friends watched in amazement from the beach.

My daydreams were always detailed, always vivid, and always annoying to my teachers. My ability to create these clear pictures in my mind is now a manifesting superpower. No, I didn’t manifest riding a wild orca, but I have experienced some epic horseback riding adventures. 1 out of 2 of my biggest childhood dreams? I’ll take it.

Visualizing or creating pictures in your mind is a powerful tool for manifesting and creating change within yourself.


Here some tips to create the best visualizations possible that will help you manifest into your reality those things that you’ve been daydreaming about:

  1. Make it detailed. Include everything you can see, hear, feel, smell, taste.
  2. Write down the details for extra clarity and keep your eyes open if that feels better for you. Create a soft stare at your written description.
  3. See yourself in the third person in the picture you create. Your subconscious can’t tell the difference between real and imagined. If you’re trying to manifest, looking through your own eyes will communicate to your subconscious that you already have it instead of as something you are calling into your reality.
  4. Use a vision board and place it slightly raised above your head so your eyes raise to the best place for visual recall.
  5. Consistent, short visualizations are all you need. The subconscious mind loves speed so you don’t have to spend much time at all visualizing. 


Ask Yourself: What would I like to manifest this month? What does the clear picture of me having it look like? What do I see, hear, and feel when I have it?

Say it with me:

If I can see it, it’s meant for me.

I am worthy of all that I desire.

It’s safe for me to have this manifestation.

What is meant for me will never miss me.

My visualizations get clearer every time I practice.


Remember: If you can see it in your mind and create a clear picture, it’s possible for you to bring it into your reality. This week is a perfect time to get clear on at least one thing you’d like to manifest.



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