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Why You Need A Vision Board

Sep 03, 2020

A vision board is a powerful visualization tool anyone can use to manifest goals and dreams! Part of why they work so well because they help us to maintain clarity on what we want and keep us motivated on the hard days.

When we use them as a tool to see ourselves in the picture, already having that goal, it creates the feelings and emotions within us as if we already have it. This raises our vibration to match what we want and allows the Law of Attraction to bring it closer to our reality. 

It also activates within our minds something called RAS or reticular activating system. Our RAS then causes us to see this thing we want everywhere while seeking out opportunities to bring it to you. A great example of your RAS being activated is after test driving a car; you then start seeing that car all over the place! That’s because our brain is now seeking it out and showing it to you. 

Our subconscious minds are goal seekers. They aim to please us and always take the easiest path to bring us what we want. When we use a vision board we are communicating with our subconscious mind what we want it to bring to us. We set the intention and then take the actions to move us toward our goal as the opportunities are revealed.

The best way to create a vision board is to find photos that best represent what you want. This can be material items we desire or photos that symbolize how we want to feel in our lives. Sites like are great because you can create a photo grid and just drop your pictures into it, add quotes, affirmations or mantras, etc. It’s also easy to resize, print, and make updates to later as you manifest things.

I highly recommend making a vision board for your computer background, phone background and your office or bedroom. Place the physical vision board in a place that is up high a little bit so that your eyes must raise a little bit to look at it. This is the best position for your brain’s visual recall.

Another important tip! When you are taking a moment to visualize yourself with each thing you desire, make sure that you are seeing yourself in the picture, not through your own eyes. This will help communicate with your subconscious mind that this is still a goal you are moving towards, while still allowing you to feel the feelings of having it at the same time. If you look through your own eyes, your subconscious can’t tell the difference between real and imagined so it will think you already have it and it won’t be utilizing your RAS to find opportunities for action to bring the physical manifestation.

I manifested a waterfront mansion through the power of visualization with my vision board! Listen to how it happened here on my podcast.


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