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Writing Statements That Will Manifest

Nov 28, 2022

"I want to be able to manifest $10,000 in the next 30 days. It's a little hard because I don't really know how to set an intention that feels right."

Girl, I've got you! You've come to the right place!

I have the best method for writing your intentions and it involves your subconscious mind so they actually manifest. Think of intention as a seed, and if you plant the right seed in the right place, it's going to grow.

This is the exact method I use when setting intentions in my business and personal life. It’s helped me manifest so many things: mentors, dream clients, money, social media growth, and personal: inner peace, friendship, travel, my car, vacations, fitness, and more!

What is a manifestation statement?

A manifestation statement is like creating your contract with the Universe. It's planting that seed. When you write out your specific intention or desire for an area of your life, you are saying: "This. I'd like to experience this. I expect it and I'm so very grateful."

How do you write a manifestation statement?

ideally, you handwrite them because your subconscious loves to see your own writing. It's like adding a bit of plant food to that seed you planted when you hand-write them, but we also know it isn't required. Type them in your notes page or keep track in Notion. Or BOTH! Handwrite them first, then transfer them to your favorite digital location.

Ask yourself this as you set out to declare your desires: What do you really, honestly want to experience?

What does your soul want? Try to let go of what you've been told to want, or things that you think will make others like you better or approve of you. This is about aligning with your life's purpose, not creating a life you've been told to want.

How do you write powerful intentions?

Here’s the sauce. This is what you came for. Manifestation MadLibs babes, just fill in the blanks:

It is now [insert date in the future you feel you'll have this by] and I have/am [insert your specific goal or desire]. I know this because I see [describe what proof you'll have, the things you'll see around you physically when you imagine this]. I hear [describe more evidence this has manifested]. I feel [described all of the things you'll physically touch and the emotions that will be flowing through your body]. I achieved/received this because I [list out all of your internal resources you leveraged and the actions that you took].

Here's an example of one already filled out with the $10k goal:

Example: It is now March 24th, 2023 and I received $10,555.97 profit in my business. I know this because I see the P&L statement and the money in my bank account. I hear the sounds of my family congratulating me for all of my hard work and the happy laughter of my kids as we're getting out the ice cream to make celebratory sundaes. I feel elated, relieved, hopeful, and excited to tackle my next goals. I manifested this because I stayed disciplined and committed, followed my intuitive work schedule consistently, and prioritized my own self-care, inner peace, and daily mindset work. 

The more details you want to add to set the scene, the better. Reading your statement should start to fill your head with images/pictures/mind-movies of your goal already manifested.

Allow those positive emotions to fill your body as you read it and hold them for as long as you can. Feeling as if your desire is already done and you're grateful now is like giving that seed the water and sunshine it needs to thrive.

What should you not say when manifesting?

Never use negatives such as "no", "never", "not", "won't", "can't", etc because the subconscious mind doesn’t process negatives. It simply negates it out so something like "I manifested this because I don't scroll TikTok" would instead say to your subconscious "I manifested this because I do scroll TikTok."

Keep it simple by focusing solely on what you DO want. Ignore everything else. If you have something in mind that you want to stop doing, reframe it into a positive statement. 

For instance, if you want to quit scrolling social media, what would you do instead? Write that out. This is the time to bypass the negativity. Just leave it out completely.

How do I know if I'm manifesting correctly?

Everyone should try things out to find their own unique manifestation style. We're all unique beings, with our own models of the world. Even though we may have certain things in common, it doesn't make sense that we would all manifest the exact same way.

Here's how to check if a method is right for you: it should be EASY

E: enjoyable

A: as if it’s done

S: sensory

Y: yes

You should enjoy yourself while doing whatever ritual or manifestation magnifying method you're doing. Your mind will naturally resist change, so try it out a couple of times to see if it's something you can enjoy. If not, try another method. Some people like journaling and writing affirmations a ton, others prefer mirror work, hypnosis or meditation, some stir intentions into a drink, the methods and energy work are pretty much endless. Pick a couple and try them for a week or so and track how you feel as you go.

The best methods for you will create a sense that it's already done. They will also engage your senses and create a resounding "yes" feeling to really seal it in.

How to best use this manifestation method?

Set aside an intentional moment where you remove all distractions. Play some calm music if you'd like and write your intention as described above. Read over it a few times once you're done, then close your eyes and take 5 slow breaths as you allow your mind to be filled with the images of your intention as it came to fruition. Allow all of those emotions to fill you and hold it for as long as you'd like before filling yourself with gratitude.

Just as you would never dig up a seed you've planted to make sure it's still growing, leave your seed where it is. You feed it by feeling as if it's already done, feeling those positive emotions now, and taking those actions you said you would when you wrote out your goal.

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