$497.00 USD

In consideration of the fees and coaching services exchanges, Lydia Bachmeier LLC (“Company”) and Client agree to the following terms and conditions contained herein: 

CONFIDENTIALITY Your identity and any of the information revealed between parties during coaching sessions is confidential and cannot be released without consent. Confidentiality will remain intact even after the coaching term has ended. The confidentiality clause does not apply to communications that disclose intent to cause harm to yourself or others. 

INVESTMENT Your investment in Manifestation Mastery is $497 (four hundred ninety seven) paid in full which includes: 

  • Twelve video training modules on aspects of manifestation or mindset mastery
  • Four Recorded NLP techniques
  • Journal prompts, templates, workbooks and homework
  • Support and community in a private Facebook group

Upon completion of this agreement, the Client has the option of upgrading to a new package or individual coaching according to the Company’s rates or fees at that time. The term shall begin upon your execution and the Company’s receipt of this agreement. Client agrees to coaching for the duration of the term. Refunds are not available. 

PAYMENT Client agrees to pay $497 (four hundred ninety seven) paid in full, or $777 (seven hundred seventy seven) paid in full for the VIP Upgrade. Charge will be on an agreed upon date or upon receipt of the invoice. 

PROCEDURE Educational modules are available to watch through our website www.lydiabachmeier.com and are released weekly. Sessions occur via Zoom video call unless otherwise agreed to and the Client agrees to any charges incurred from Client’s phone service provider. Both parties agree to attend the coaching session at the mutually scheduled time. Please, no coaching calls from cell phones in moving vehicles! In fact, it is highly recommended a quiet, undisturbed space for calls. 
Client may also email any time at [email protected] (see “Extra Time") 

CHANGES If client misses a live group call, it is their responsibility to watch the recorded video posted in the group and comment regarding questions, concerns or successes. There could be a time that the Company is forced to reschedule, but will let Client know at least a week in advance. 

EXTRA TIME Client may email/post in group between calls if they need coaching, have a problem or challenge, or can’t wait to share a success. There is no bill for additional time. Company enjoys providing this extra level of service. 

YOUR ROLE Both parties agree that coaching may address specific life/business projects, life/business successes or general conditions in the workplace, relationships, communication skills, organizational skills, health goals, career paths, spiritual guidance, goal setting and more. Additional coaching services may include value and priority clarification, brainstorming, identifying action plans, examining modes of operating in life, asking clarifying questions, and making empowering requests or suggestions for action.

Both parties agree that successful coaching relationships require a co-active collaborative approach with the Client and Company. In the relationship, Company plays a role of a facilitator of change and it is the Client’s responsibility to enact or to bring about the desired change. The Client can, at any point during coaching sessions, declare their preference not to discuss a specific issue by simply stating that they do not wish to discuss the issue. The Company agrees to respect such boundaries. Client agrees to take an active role in the coaching process by being absolutely honest with Company and yourself. That includes communicating whatever the client may need to be fully satisfied with the coaching relationship. Real, impactful change takes concentrated effort and time. Company will work diligently to guide the Client. Company cannot guarantee results or successes. 

As a client, I’m personally responsible for the actions I take. As such, I do not hold Lydia Bachmeier LLC (“Company”) liable for the consequences of my actions, or lack thereof. I understand that Lydia Bachmeier LLC (“Company”) is not an employment agent, business manager, financial consultant, or psychotherapist, and is acting as a Coach and not a counselor. 

I agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.

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