The Moon Membership

$22 USD per month

A manifesting community for those who are committed to their personal and spiritual growth while making manifestation second nature.

What you'll get for just $22/month:

🌑 Live New Moon Ritual via Zoom

🌒 Monthly Moon Energy Newsletter

🌓 Exclusive Manifestation Trainings

🌔 Q&A Sessions

🌕 Live Full Moon Ceremony via Zoom

🌖 Members-Only Facebook Community

🌗 Program coupon codes

🌘 & much more!!

You'll not only gain a deeper understanding of the moon phases, the Zodiac signs, and manifestation, but also how to manifest specifically for all areas of your life according to your own birth chart!

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Want to add an extra boost to your manifestation abilities?

Schedule a private session with Lydia now and remove negative emotional blocks using this powerful neuro-linguistic programming technique!

This is an exclusive offer for new members only!

In consideration of the fees and coaching services exchanges, Lydia Bachmeier LLC (“Company”) and Purchaser (“Client”) agree to the following terms and conditions contained herein:


CONFIDENTIALITY Your identity and any of the information revealed between parties during coaching sessions is confidential and cannot be released without consent. Confidentiality will remain intact even after the coaching term has ended. The confidentiality clause does not apply to communications that disclose intent to cause harm to yourself or others. 



Your investment in The Moon Membership is $22 per month


Offer Includes:

    • Access to 2 guided group moon rituals per month via Zoom
    • Exclusive monthly emailed Moon Energy Newsletter
    • Educational modules on spirituality, manifestation, astrology, and other related topics
    • Live Q&A sessions
    • Exclusive Members-Only Facebook community for coaching, questions, support and celebrations!
    • Soul connections with other like-minded individuals
    • Meditations, PDFs, worksheets, journal prompts and exercises to help you dig deep into your intuition and psyche


Upon completion of this agreement, the Client has the option of upgrading to a new package or individual coaching according to the Company’s rates or fees at that time. The term shall begin upon your execution and the Company’s receipt of this agreement. Client agrees to coaching for the duration of the term. Refunds are not available. 


Client agrees to an automatic monthly charge of $22.00 USD per month. If the Client misses a payment or becomes delinquent for over 7 days, the Company has the right to deactivate access to courses, as well access to Facebook support group and all other support channels.

If the Client decides to end their membership the Client may do so at any time. The Client should email [email protected] to cancel their membership and plan to allow for 48 hours response and deactivation.


Group calls, rituals, and ceremonies occur within the private group or Zoom unless other arrangements are made. The Client agrees to any charges incurred from Client’s phone and service provider. Both parties agree to attend the coaching session at the mutually scheduled time.

If the Client misses a live group call, the Client forfeits their chance to participate in the live call as rituals and ceremonies will not be recorded for replay. It is the Client’s responsibility to note call times posted within the calendar and make requests for time changes if their timezone does not permit their attendance. It is also the Client’s responsibility to comment regarding questions, concerns or successes inside the Facebook group.

Regarding general safety, The Company further recommends that clients use technology, cell phones, and other media appropriately and safely during all coaching interactions. The Company will assume that an interaction is safe and appropriate if a client uses technology or devices to communicate. Please, no coaching calls from cell phones in moving vehicles! In fact, it is highly recommended a quiet, undisturbed space for calls. 

For Customer service support or technical issues please email [email protected].  Lydia and her team will be unavailable on Saturdays and Sundays.


There could be a time that the Company is forced to reschedule live events and calls, but will let the Client know at least 48 hours in advance. 


Both parties agree that successful coaching relationships require a co-active collaborative approach with the Client and Company. In the relationship, Company plays a role of a facilitator of change and it is the Client’s responsibility to enact or to bring about the desired change. The Client can, at any point during coaching sessions, declare their preference not to discuss a specific issue by simply stating that they do not wish to discuss the issue. The Company agrees to respect such boundaries. Client agrees to take an active role in the coaching process by being absolutely honest with Company and yourself. That includes communicating whatever the client may need to be fully satisfied with the coaching relationship. Real, impactful change takes concentrated effort and time. Company will work diligently to guide the Client. Company cannot guarantee results or successes. 

As a client, I’m personally responsible for the actions I take. As such, I do not hold Lydia Bachmeier LLC (“Company”) liable for consequences of my actions, or lack thereof. I understand that Lydia Bachmeier LLC (“Company”) is not an employment agent, business manager, financial consultant, or psychotherapist, and is acting as a Coach and not a counselor.


I agree to the terms and conditions of this contract.