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Manifestation is commonly known as when something that was once imagined becomes part of our reality.

But most "gurus" won't tell you that everything is a manifestation.

This is because what we believe to be true completely shapes our reality; our inner world is reflected all around us.
I help my clients co-create their dreams with the Universe and manifest with intention by helping them completely understand how our Universe works at the quantum level, reprogramming new beliefs within their subconscious mind, and establishing new patterns of action for their life so they are in full alignment.
New Subconscious Beliefs + New Aligned Action = Marvelous Manifestation Magic

The power? It's here.

99% of brain power and function lies within the SCM [subconscious mind]. The deep-rooted beliefs that are in your SCM are reflected all around you. 

"Positive thinking" won't do it because that's only happening in your conscious mind.

You can't manifest with intention if your SCM isn't on board. 

I woke up the moment I realized that I'd settled for mediocre.

 I was a girl from an average family in working-class America, destined to be a first generation college graduate. My whole life I felt that I was meant for something big, but I allowed the limited minds of society to shove me into a small box that I wasn't meant for. There I was: off to college, pretending to chase my dreams, but I was really stuffing them down.

It wasn't long before I found myself entangled with a manipulative sociopath and getting kicked out of college. 

I didn't know how I'd got there...but I didn't recognize myself.

I continued to settle. I settled for multiple relationships I knew weren't healthy, a major that felt "realistic", and then a corporate job I wasn't passionate about but provided enough income to pay my $700/mo student loan bill.

I'd survived a mentally abusive relationship with a narcissist, only to settle into the life of a depressed corporate sell-out who didn't believe she was worthy of anything truly great?!?! I don't think so!

That all changed when I made the decision to apply all that I knew about the laws of Universe and the power of the mind.

I took a big risk to leave the comfort and perceived safety of my corporate career. It was a bet on myself: to focus, to figure it all out, to learn new skills, to adapt, to maintain my faith, and to stay resilient during the hard times.

I'm now living a life that was once my dream: I get to work from anywhere while staying home with my two beautiful children, I own a multi-million dollar business with my soulmate, and I teach women from around the world how to leverage their mindset in order to live an authentic, aligned and abundant life.

Everything you want is possible for you once you believe that it is. It's okay if your subconscious isn't on board yet because that's where I come in!

My mission is to empower big dreamers to achieve their goals and manifest what they once thought to be impossible. 

Create all of this in your life:

Authentic Alignment

The person you were meant to be is special AF and it's okay to never fit in. Once you're in alignment with your higher self, you become an energetic match for everything you want.

Fierce Mindset

Confidence, worthiness, self's all about creating new beliefs at the subconscious level that will support you in manifesting your big "impossible" dreams.

Wealth & Woo

You are spiritual and ambitious. Once you fully embrace and embody the "woo-woo" side of you, the riches you deserve will pour in. Money is just energy and you do amazing things with all of yours.

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Client Feedback

"Working with Lydia has completely changed my life. I never experienced any NLP or Time Techniques before her and was shocked the transformation I received. Lydia guided me through processing negative emotions and because I trusted her, I was able to trust myself and tap into a level of my unconscious where a major key to unlocking my life was waiting for me. She helped me understand parts of myself I’d been struggling with since (I now know) I was in the womb. What we accomplished in about 20 minutes could never compare to the decades of therapy and self help I’ve tried on my own. Lydia is an outstanding NLP practitioner and coach and has helped me in more ways than I could’ve imagined."

The Glow Up Guru

"Lydia's approach took less time and was faster than anything I've ever come across. I was amazed and how simple and quick the process was and how much of a dramatic effect it had on my life. Doing time techniques with Lydia immediately shifted the way I felt about money. Within weeks of our session I took on more work, asked for a higher wage than what I was offered, started tracking money, started saving and started paying off debt. I feel more confident in myself as an earner and more in control of how I spend. Lydia helped me see how spending money on myself is important. I would highly recommend Lydia to anyone who wants to shift ANY limiting belief because she knows what she's doing and she only shares tools that work."

The Saffron Sage

"I would 20/10 recommend her to others. She will not take on a client that she is not 100% that with their own work and implementation, can 100% reach their goal/desired outcome. She is sweet, supportive, a proven expert in her areas of focus, and wants you to get the results and success you dream of when you sign up to work with her."

Health Coach

"Working with Lydia was a great way to see things from a different point of view. She taught me how to be more confident and bring out the inner leader in me. As a very emotional person, Lydia taught me how to express myself in a professional way and to still be able to get my point across. Lydia always gives me great ideas on how to improve myself and the advice she gives, is advice I can apply to all aspects of my life. After watching one of her videos: How to be a Better Employee, I was confident enough to ask my boss for feedback and the conversation eventually lead to me getting a raise!!"


"She is honest, upfront, communicates well, clearly cares about her clients and employee’s success, and makes an effort to help them become the best versions of themselves they can be. She has helped me gain confidence for job interviews and shared with me ways to do well at my current place of work. I would highly recommend working with her."


Current Programs

Manifestation Mastery

A 4-week virtual program designed to transform you into a magnet for your dream life! Become a manifestation pro, rewire your subconscious beliefs, and learn emotional mastery so that you can attract the life you truly want with ease.


Worthy of Wealth

A self-paced program designed to rewire your subconscious beliefs about wealth, money & finances so that you can attract more abundance than you've ever believed to be possible!


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