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After the birth of my second child, I knew that I needed to create a life different from the one that everyone else seemed to be stuck in: work, eat, squeeze in a little quailty time on the weekend, sleep if you can, repeat. Basic, boring, and quite frankly, sad enough to cry a little in that third cup of coffee!

I felt deep within me that I was meant for more and I couldn't ignore that calling any longer so I took the leap and quit my corporate job, though little did I know that motherhood combined with entrepreneurship would provide the catalyst for massive personal growth and spiritual awakening! And let me tell wasn't easy!

I struggled with feelings of imposter syndrome and anxiety, self-sabotaging habits, money mindset; you name it, it came up for me! I doubled down on my training, developed my skills, worked with some of the best mentors in my field, and never stopped listening to my heart which told me to keep going! [despite the lack of money in the bank, the slow social media growth, and the negative thoughts that sometimes still come up for me!]

Today we own multiple businesses and have the freedom to spend all day with our children. I'm grateful to use my own personal struggles and successes to help people just like you cultivate the confidence and manifesting skills to create your own life of freedom. I’ll show you how to believe in yourself, live with intention, and finally start manifesting the success you know is meant for you!


"Working with Lydia has completely changed my life. She helped me understand parts of myself I’d been struggling with since I was in the womb. What we accomplished in about 20 minutes could never compare to the decades of therapy and self-help I’ve tried on my own."

- Jillian P.

"I would 20/10 recommend her to others. She shows up 1,000% to each session ready to serve you. She is the perfect mix of professional and fun. She is the epitome of being a product of her work and what she teaches."

- Sarah A.

"She taught me how to be more confident and bring out the inner leader in me. Lydia always gives me great ideas on how to improve myself and the advice she gives, is advice I can apply to all aspects of my life. I was confident enough to ask my boss for feedback and the conversation eventually lead to me getting a raise!!"

- Brianna G.

The Co-Creation School

Take control of your future by learning to manifest intentionally because you are ALWAYS manifesting, even if you didn't know that until now!

Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious

with a hypnotherapy audio customized to your specific needs


Subliminals for Success

Shift your mindset without the work! Relax and let these audios clean out the old and implant the new beliefs that will support your manifestation wishes


Manifestation Mastery

learn everything you need to know at your own pace


Worthy of Wealth

Rewire your mind for the wealth you deserve by eliminating the 7 most common negative money beliefs at their core


Level Up Your Manifestation Skills

Our comprehensive blog has everything you need to better understand your subconscious mind, practice intentional living, and take action with courage and confidence.

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