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Using Subliminal Recordings to Manifest

Nov 08, 2022

"Start manifesting in your sleep"

⬆️ the promise made by many YouTube accounts...but is it legit?

Can you really change your reality with these recordings? I'm about to answer all of your questions and share my best tips for using this method for subconscious reprogramming.

What is a subliminal and what is it used for?

A subliminal recording is an intentional message created to reprogram your subconscious mind by bypassing the critical faculty, the part of your conscious awake mind that serves as the bodyguard and protector. It's like your B.S. meter so when you hear or see something that doesn't align with what you believe to be true at the subconscious level, you'll disregard it.

It's meant to protect you but it can also be a real pain in the ass. For instance, say you're working toward becoming the first millionaire in your family and you want to believe you can be wealthy but none of your subconscious beliefs support that. You look in the mirror every day and tell yourself how abundant you are with a list of what are supposed to be empowering affirmations only to have that part of your mind call you out: "Bullshit," your critical faculty says. "You only have $1,000 in your bank account right now." 

You know that to manifest your goals, you have to get your subconscious beliefs on board! When you change your beliefs, your automatic thoughts fall in line, and taking action toward these big dreams becomes easier. You've tried saying the affirmations, and they do help a bit, but it feels like you need something a little stronger to really get it deep in there. 

And you're right.

How do you do it?

Through hypnotherapy or subliminal recordings so your critical faculty can't bully its way in between and block out all of those good changes you're making to your mindset.

An example of a subliminal message is when a suggestion is given to the subconscious mind without conscious awareness.

We do this in hypnotherapy by relaxing your conscious mind so you go into a trance state where positive suggestions that are aligned with the changes you want to make are given. With subliminal programming, it's different because you aren't placed into a trance.

Some common examples you see all the time (probably without knowing it) are in movies and shows you watch through product placement in the background, and through online content, like websites and emails, via highlighted words or even subtle color changes to text. This is how companies are able to market in subtle ways: they get their products into our subconscious minds so when we go to buy, we select them often without consciously thinking about it.

The intentional use of subliminal programming for personal development and manifestation is shown through subliminals that you'll find all over YouTube (and on my own website) where statements are said behind the music in a way that only your subconscious mind can pick up on.

Are subliminals dangerous?

It's important to remember that you are always being programmed by the content you consume. Every time you watch tv or listen to music your subconscious is there eavesdropping. It can't tell the difference between what's happening in real life and what's happening on the screen; it thinks that all of that is also happening to you. That's why you feel real emotions and your body responds when you're watching something with laughter, tears, anxiety, and so on depending on the type of content.

You're also always programming yourself through the people you spend time with, the words that they say, and especially the words that you say. Your subconscious takes everything personally so watch what you say about other people too! (gossip is a big no-no for me)

When it comes to subliminal or hypnosis recordings there is a common fear or concern that it will be some type of mind control like what you see falsely portrayed by Hollywood. But it doesn't work like that. You always have a choice. You can rest assured knowing that if you have a desire for the change offered in the suggestions of a subliminal recording, it won’t be dangerous because you chose it.

What do subliminal messages do to the brain?

Our subconscious mind picks up on way more pieces of information than our conscious mind can process. We are exposed to 2.3 million bits of information per second. While our subconscious processes all of them, our conscious mind only processes 126 bits per second. The subliminal messages exist outside of that conscious 126 b/s so it allows a piece of information to enter the mind without resistance.

When you relax and listen to a subliminal, your conscious mind won't be able to pick up on the subtle whispering that's playing underneath the music, but your subconscious will. This is incredibly helpful and powerful especially for those who haven't put in the work to quiet their mind, those people who say they can't mediate or by hypnotized. If you're one of those people, I promise you can! It just takes some practice, but if you don't really want to practice at this point in your life, subliminals have your back!

Can subliminal messages have long-lasting effects on behavior?

Yes! Once the mind expands, it never contracts or shrinks back down. If you shift a belief at the subconscious level you will forever be different in a good way as you'll be more of the version of who you were meant to be.

Let's say that you wanted to manifest a physical change such as clear skin. A subliminally programmed message might suggest that you adapt new behaviors such as drinking lots of water, stopping picking your skin, and even awareness of learning good skincare routines. You'll begin taking action and building new routines which will create a positive loop and your skin will continue to look better and better.

Subliminals can also help with business and things like client attraction. You'll be programmed to believe that people like you and see your value. You'll remove thoughts and feelings of being an imposter which will make sharing your offers easier as your own inner critic is quieter and eventually shows up a lot less, if at all. Again, the positive results loop begins, improving your confidence and supporting your new habits.

How do I use them? How often do I listen?

Everyone is different due to how far away they are from their goal. If you're just starting out on a journey to manifest your millions and you're making a couple of thousand dollars per month, you might have more beliefs to reprogram than someone who is already attracting six figures.

Here's how to get started with subliminals:

  1. Pick an area of focus, a dimension of life, such as money, self-confidence, love, etc. 
  2. Take note of where you're at right now in that area.
  3. Find a subliminal with a narrow focus within that dimension of life.
  4. Listen to it every day for 7 days.
  5. Notice changes that happen both internally and externally and compare to where you were at 7 days ago.

You don't need to listen to them all night. It's beneficial for falling asleep as your brain waves shift from Beta to Alpha to Theta, both of which are highly suggestible. But when you’re actually asleep your brain waves shift from Theta into Delta and in this state, you aren’t taking any suggestions. Some people like to listen all night, and if you've been doing that and you like it, it isn't hurting anything, but you don't have to listen to something all night long to reprogram your mind.

Where can I find the best subliminals?

Try this one for money and abundance here on my YouTube channel. I'll always recommend mine because I know how good the suggestions are since I made them 😉 You can grab my bundle here


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