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What Is NLP?

Jul 10, 2020

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Let's break that down:



Our nervous system, or our mind, which we use to experience the world, through our senses: Visual (seen), Auditory (heard), Kinesthetic (feelings), Olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste)


The language and other communication we use to store experience and give it meaning, including the following things we experience, all inside our mind: Pictures, sounds, feelings, smells, tastes, and internal dialog/self-talk


The programs, patterns and strategies we run in our mind to achieve our goals.

NLP techniques use the basic language of our mind to help us consistently achieve the results we want in life. We can discover and use the programs, patterns, and strategies our mind runs and leverage them, reprogram them, and achieve what once felt impossible.

Our words don’t describe the world we live in, but determine it.

our words ---> thoughts ---> beliefs ---> our reality

NLP uses perceptual, behavioral, and communication techniques to make it easier for us to change our thoughts and actions.

With NLP, we learn how to reframe our current beliefs by applying different meaning to behaviors and situations in life. We can also establish new beliefs that we would like to have.

Think of your mind like a computer than runs on programs. With NLP, we uninstall programs that are preventing us from achieving what we want and install new programming that supports us.

New mental programming creates a very powerful change in how we view the world and how we deal with difficulties in life and in business. The right programs make what once felt impossible, achievable.


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